Testimony1 10970253_sI sit amazed and in awe! The Lord gave me such discernment for your teaching today and I feel like I’ve just been set free.. My eyes have been opened. I never saw the Kingdom as you so beautifully talked about it. Thank you!



Testimony2 2615136_sI am astonished and amazed by your teaching. I have been a born again Christian for 32 years and have never heard the truth of this teaching or received the understanding that goes along with it. I am overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and a renewed interest in studying the Word of God.
I can’t believe what all I have missed in 32 years because of the lack of teaching and understanding regarding the kingdom. I have never heard or seen anyone illustrate the body, mind, spirit concept as you have. I knew we were triune and created in the image of God, but your stick figure illustration of the death of our spirit, and body and soul remaining was such a revelation to me as well as all of the lesson. I have a new understanding, a new hope, a new vision, and suddenly things make sense. My eyes have been opened to the truth of God’s Word. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you be blessed as you bless others with the teachings of God’s Word.


Debbie Hughes

Testimony3 9437906_sI am blessed to have this opportunity to study with you. You have done a wonderful work of compiling pictures and art work and scripture to paint such a clear picture of our inheritance as we take our place in the kingdom of God.


Nancy Stacey

Testimony4 2856250_sThank you, Susan! I look forward to the lesson every day. I really want to be closer and in the things of the kingdom and to be effective. This is really helping me see so much and in the light og Jesus. The one part that stuck out to me today Christ stated as He was praying “I have given them thy Word,” and throughout the Bible He continues to present the Word. Even Peter when they had been fishing all night and caught nothing and Jesus told him to put his net back in the water, Peter said “at thy Word.” Everything we need is in the spoken Word. So much revelation has come and thank you again. Much love,



What a revelation this lesson was to me. Thank you so much.Words cannot explain what this lesson has made me feel inside.
Thank you dear God for Your words speaking through Susan to each and every one of us in a way each of us need…Praise Your Mighty Name dear Lord.
Love to all,



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